Wedding Photography At Night Traditions Binghamton

Wedding Photography At Night Traditions Binghamton

Weather and a Wedding Day

It's basically a pipe dream to have perfect weather on a wedding day. Though it does happen where the skies open, the planets align and champagne rains from the heavens to give the perfect temperature and clear skies. Inclement weather does happen, and more often than people realize. A good 'go with the flow' attitude will keep the day perfect. 

It's always best to prepare for inclement weather. Especially in the Spring and Fall months, but really, every month is unpredictable! Plan ahead! Buy enough clear or color coordinated umbrellas if you still want to gallivant outside. Plan multiple locations for options. Having a rain location and sun location helps tremendously! Is it going to be cold? Plan on a wrap for you and your girls, or include furs. Something to mitigate the chill in the air. Being prepared for every occasion will streamline the whole day should anything come up!

Night Portraits

One of our favorite things to photograph is a night portrait. It’s a perfect end of night photo to bring the whole day full circle. It’s also a great time for you to take a moment and get some air since by the time we do this portrait you’re most likely overheated and tired. KJ and I will set everything up ahead of time, so the only thing you’ll have to do is walk outside to the spot we put you; from there, we’ll give you a few details about what’s coming next.If you have an exit planned, this is also a good time for the night portrait. Our absolute favorite, is when the night photo includes rain or snow! It looks like magic!