Roberson Museum Binghamton NY

Roberson Museum Binghamton NY

There are so many important details in a wedding day. There are flowers, the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, suits, colors, locations, food, and most especially- rings. The rings. Being a woman, I can't begin to wonder what it's like for a groom to choose a ring to invest in to be the one she hopefully says 'yes' to for the rest of her life. I know some brides who were extremely picky! How awkward would it be if the groom chose poorly?? There are so many cuts, and styles, colors, gems, etc.  

This ring, is probably one of my favorites that we have photographed! A yellow diamond! It's so unique, and very much suited for the bride! 

We had some beautiful light pouring in from one of the tall windows in the Roberson Museum. No artificial light here! It streamed through beautifully, illuminating the ring and the table it sat on.  We grabbed orange petals from the flower girl's basket to set the back drop. This incorporated many details into one image from this wedding day.