Major's Inn Sparkler Exit

Major's Inn Sparkler Exit

Night Portraits

One of our favorite things to photograph is a night portrait. It’s a perfect end of night photo to bring the whole day full circle. It’s also a great time for you to take a moment and get some air since by the time we do this portrait you’re most likely overheated and tired. KJ and I will set everything up ahead of time, so the only thing you’ll have to do is walk outside to the spot we put you; from there, we’ll give you a few details about what’s coming next.If you have an exit planned, this is also a good time for the night portrait. Our absolute favorite, is when the night photo includes rain or snow! It looks like magic!

Reception Events

Everyone wants to have a great time at their wedding reception; so there are events, good food, booze and lots and lots of dancing! When it comes to your reception, make it about you and personalize it to you. Just because you saw something done at one reception, doesn’t mean it needs to be done at yours.

My husband and I tried to make it as much about us as possible. We aren’t crazy dancing people, so we negated mostly all rap music. We had minimal line dances, because those make me nuts. We didn’t do the garter/ bouquet toss because we don’t like the history behind the garter, and I didn’t feel like throwing the bouquet. Also, I think there were only three single women at the reception anyway.We didn’t do a cake cutting: partially because we didn’t want to spend 500 dollars on a stale cake, but also because we didn’t care, mainly because we love chocolate covered strawberries. We were going to dip them and feed them, but our venue coordinator messed that one up. We didn’t get to do that. We had a lot of speeches: from our dads, my sisters and KJ’s best man, danced a bit, and just had a great time!

The short of it is, have your reception be you! Provide things to do for your guests. You’ll find that not everyone will be on the dance floor. Photo booths are a great addition to your reception. They give other guests something to do and provide a nice memento to take home too!If you’re hosting your reception somewhere in the country or somewhere that has a large space, lawn games are great additions for your guests. Especially if you have kids attending; they keep the kids occupied!