Gilbertsville Farmhouse Outdoor Ceremony
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Gilbertsville Farmhouse Outdoor Ceremony

Gilbertsville Farmhouse offers a few different options for ceremony locations; either overlooking the valley, the milk barn or in the woods. Rachel and Josh chose their location to be overlooking the valley.  The day really couldn’t have been more perfect! October is such a hit or miss month; no matter which way it swings, it swings that way hard! Thankfully, it swung in our favor. Wispy clouds, sun, and warm temps.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor ceremonies are often coveted by most brides; especially when they’re in a picturesque location. Outdoor ceremonies can be tricky! There’s only one thing you cannot control: the weather. Especially weddings located in the Northeast, weather is unpredictable; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the dead of summer, you can’t rely on the weather to be ‘normal.’In 2017, the summer was cool. It rained, a lot. It felt more like an extended Spring than a normal summer. The Fall felt extended which people greatly welcomed; my point is, have a plan! If it’s going to be really hot, then do your guests a favor and have something to cool your guests off like fans or parasols, or take into account where the sun will beat down. Changing even the direction of the ceremony could be in the best interest for everyone. Ultimately, it’s your day so make it how you have always envisioned it!

Here are some cool ideas to incorporate into an outdoor wedding:

There are all kinds of different seating arrangements you can do with an outdoor wedding; there’s the traditional white chairs you can rent from your local rental company or you can get creative with the seating. Antique, mix-matched chairs make a great look! You can also find patio chairs, like to ones you see for outdoor restaurants, etc. Also, you’re not locked into the traditional aisle look. You can curve the seating into a half moon or even create a full circled ceremony setting.An added thing to make the seating nice for your guests are to add pillows to the chairs; seating tends to be hard, by adding pillows it creates a comfortable setting for your guests, especially for the elderly ones. Instead of chairs, you could have bales of hay covered in blankets for fun country seating!

Give your guests a heads up if it’s an outdoor wedding! Most women buy or wear nice shoes for special occasions, your wedding being one of them. Heel covers are amazing and super cheap! It might be a nice touch to make that into a ceremony favor. If not taking care of your guests, then it would be a great additive for your bridesmaids! Another thing that would be great for your bridesmaids, standing outside is patio rocks for them to stand on. They will also keep your brides maids in the location they’re supposed to stand in!

Hydration is huge, especially on a really hot summer day! A bottle of water at every seat is a great touch; it shows that you know the summer is hot, and you care about their hydration and wellbeing. You could also keep buckets of water on ice around at key locations. Something else to add, you can order bottles of water with yours and your fiancé’s initials and wedding date. The possibilities of personalizing are endless!Large flower boxes also make for great decorative drink coolers.
You can also make little spray bottles with essential oils to help keep your guests cool. Combinations made with cucumber and peppermint feels really great!

Programs can also double as fans! Printing them on cardstock and gluing them back to back on a large tongue depressor makes for a multifunctional wedding detail. I have also seen it where you can print your actual wedding program on a fan.

Ceremony favors are great but not essential; but they show extra special attention and care for your clients: sunglasses and parasols for summer days, scarves or blankets for chilly wedding days. Bug spray is great to have on hand because they can be a nuisance. An assortment of flip flops is amazing additives to have on hand for your tired feet! You can always trust Old Navy for cheap ones, especially when they have their $1 sales.

I’m just going to list a bunch of ideas: Hanging chalkboards, mirrors, frames, candles etc., camping lanterns under clothed tables for evening cocktail hour, lights wrapped around trees give a great spot to hang photos. Curtains hung in a makeshift door way make for a great ‘arbor’ or photo booth back drop. Thrift store finds are great! Take an old dresser, add flowers and use it as a beautiful dessert table. Line the aisle with candles. Use flower basket holders to line the aisle with flowers. Possibilities are endless!