Bridal Prep at the Quarry at the Glenn
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Bridal Prep at the Quarry at the Glenn

Wedding Day Details 

 Every detail of your wedding is planned to the “t.” It all starts with the dress. Most women dream of what kind of dress they will wear on their wedding day. The beading, the lace, the silhouette; whether or not there will be a veil, hair piece, simple pins of nothing but your hair. Jewelry: simple, elegant, heirloom, gold, or silver. Shoes: white, ivory, platform, high heel, wedge or flats; real flowers, fake flowers, or no flowers. The lists of decisions go on and on. You put time into considering these details, we want to help you remember them down the road so we put care into these photographs and give your details a glamour shoot of their own also. They’re part of the wedding day, and therefore, important too.

Bridal Prep

It’s sort of not fair that it takes the bride ten times longer to get ready than the groom! Hours are involved in the getting ready process! Hours. The bride has put a lot of details into this day and how she will look on the most important day of her life. It’s one of the most exciting portions of the day to photograph too! With a large bridal party there is a lot of hustle and bustle, multiple stations of hair and makeup and the room is a mess! It’s a chaotic excitement! There are random times where even with a large bridal party, it’s quiet. No matter the energy of the room, have people around you that know you; who can give you a call sign to distract you in case of tears, if you’re getting too anxious, etc.

When it comes time to putting on the dress, have 2 people designated for that duty. Too many cooks in the kitchen can cause chaos. You could set it up so the others are in a different room and they have their own sort of first look of the whole ensemble; or, being on the opposite side of the room for an ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ chorus.