Blush Pink Wedding Dress Double Tree Hotel

Blush Pink Wedding Dress Double Tree Hotel

Wedding Day Details 

 Every detail of your wedding is planned to the “t.” It all starts with the dress. Most women dream of what kind of dress they will wear on their wedding day. The beading, the lace, the silhouette; whether or not there will be a veil, hair piece, simple pins of nothing but your hair. Jewelry: simple, elegant, heirloom, gold, or silver. Shoes: white, ivory, platform, high heel, wedge or flats; real flowers, fake flowers, or no flowers. The lists of decisions go on and on. You put time into considering these details, we want to help you remember them down the road so we put care into these photographs and give your details a glamour shoot of their own also. They’re part of the wedding day, and therefore, important too.

The Wedding Dress 

 The biggest part of the bridal prep and the most important part have to do with the dress itself. There are so many options for the wedding dress; the silhouette, material, color, etc. Also, how you’re put into the dress. There can be just a simple zipper, or corset, buttons or combination of all three. Have someone, whether it’s a bridesmaid, or your mother know exactly how to put you into the dress. If you have to, do a run through; especially if there’s a corset. Develop a pattern for the lacing. A simple trick for buttons: a bobby pin or a crochet needle is really helpful!