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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your packages customizable?

Yes! My focus is to make sure you get everything you want and need!

How many images will we receive?

The number of Images delivered ultimately depends on how many it takes to tell your story and the amount of time we are there capturing your day. We don’t limit the number we take; however, the amount we deliver depends on the length of day and the content of the events of the day. We go through all of the images we take and eliminate images with duplicates, exposure failures, people walking in frame, etc. There’s very little that gets eliminated.

Where do you live and do you travel?

We live in Binghamton, NY and LOVE traveling to new places, so we’ll go anywhere! We have photographed weddings all over New York State and Northern Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, PA: Sugarbush Ski Resort, VT: Block Island, RI: Atlanta GA, Las Vegas, NV: Auburn, CA: Vietnam: Port St. Lucie, FL: Tampa, FL: Alexandria, VA: Germany: Long Island, NY: & Jamaica.

Anything within a 2 hour distance- travel is included. If the distance is over 2 hours, travel expenses apply. Travel expenses are handled very simply: if airfare, hotel, and a rental car are required, the collections remain the same and a full reimbursement for our expenses is added to them. International travel is also available! KJ and I love to travel, and have figured out a few oragami-esc ways to sleep on planes. No matter the distance! We've shot a 12 hour wedding, went home, jumped on a plane at 7am for another wedding at 3pm. Probably won't do that again, but we loved it!

Is KJ at every wedding?

I wish he were, however; he is an officer in the Army National Guard, so there are dates he will not be able to be with us. In that instance, I do have other people I can rely on to fill his shoes at no extra cost to you.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Yes please! I would prefer to not pass out in the middle of the reception from low blood sugar, or resort to the fallen mints at the bottom of my purse. It doesn’t have to be the filet you’re feeding your guests, but feeding us most preferred! On that note, we also prefer to eat dinner at the same time you do; this doesn’t always work out but it makes the reception coverage go smoother. While you’re seated and eating, we are too so we’re ready to go when you are!

Is a wedding timeline necessary?

YES! You want to make sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible and all of your vendors are on the same page. It will not fix all of the possible hiccups that can happen but it keeps things in order. I love to work with clients to make sure there’s ample opportunity for everything you want to do. This is also from a photographer’s perspective, working with all of your vendors on this keeps the day in order.

What is a First Look?

A first look is when a bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony. Not only does it allow you to spend some sweet one-on-one time before the whirlwind of wedding festivities, but it ensures ample time for naturally-lit portraits and makes the day a lot smoother! (In my humble opinion).

What is a Day-After Session?

A day-after session is also known as a “Rock the Dress” session. It’s a shoot scheduled sometime after the wedding to put the dress back on and scamper about somewhere. It’s especially useful if time did not allow for many formal photos of you and your soon-to-be! For destination weddings, it’s fun to put the dress back on and go somewhere we didn’t have a chance to explore on the day of.

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Can our family + friends take photos?

Absolutely! We just love seeing ipads and cameras jump in front of us during your first kiss! (I’m being sarcastic. Your family and friends are more than welcome to take photos during the day. We do suggest an unplugged ceremony, so the above does not happen. This is not only for selfish reasons, but in a day and age of everything being plugged people forget to be present and in the moment. This is a chance for them to do just that. Wouldn’t you love to be able to look at people’s faces instead of their super awesome Etsy phone case?

What is your pricing?

Our wedding collections start at $2800; every collection includes various times of coverage, the edited images with a print release, and an engagement session. For a detailed look into the collections we offer, click Here and contact us!

Do you edit all of our photos?

Yes we do! We hand select every photo, and give them an overhaul. We keep the editing crisp and accentuate what we aimed for in camera. We believe in the accuracy of the photo captured in the moment.

Do you do video too?

We currently do not incorporate video in our wedding coverage. It takes a completely separate brain to shoot video than it does for photo, so we concentrate on one over the other.

Can we see some full weddings?

Absolutely! Head over to the contact page and send me a message; I’ll include a couple examples of full wedding galleries in my response email.

Are our images watermarked?
No they are not, the images I send to you are free of my watermark!

Do we get to keep the raw files?

No, the only images I deliver are Hi-Res JPEGs. The unedited/ RAW files are not available for viewing or purchase. The RAW files essentially contain the ingredients used to create the final product of your image. The result that you see is like the cake that’s on display at the reception: beautiful, decorated, and finalized. Everything we deliver is a well-rounded view of your wedding!

Do you need to attend the rehearsal?

It’s not at all necessary! We have gone through the timeline, and there’s nothing that can shock me (not even being mooned by the best man!) For destination weddings, people sometimes add on rehearsal dinner coverage to tell a complete story of the event.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes! We include the option to have an engagement session with every collection. It’s to get you more comfortable in front of the camera. We know that not everyone has their glamour shots taken at every turn of event, this gives you some great practice! They are up to 1 hour long with 1 outfit, 1 location and you can travel up to 1 hour from Binghamton. If you're looking for something a bit more pizzazzy you can upgrade your engagement session to include more. They're a lot of fun to get dressed up for; make it a date night with your sweetie afterward! Please note, we only offer the engagement sessions during the week. We are not available on the weekend to accommodate them. Space is limited. If you would like to know more about the engagement session, head to the contact form and inquire!


How would you describe your style?

There is no simple way to answer this question. I often turn the question around and ask what they felt or saw when they viewed our work. The answers I’ve received back are: organic, journalistic, raw, bold, vibrant, brilliant, moody, not-boring, etc. Though these adjectives don’t speak directly to our ‘style’ of photography, they speak to what you’ll find through the galleries. In photo-jargin, the answer stems from two descriptions: photojournalist and traditional. I can speak more at length to what this really means, but that will take a long time. Traditional speaks to the ‘posed’ photos. The ones of you and your family, the images of you looking into the camera; you know, the ones that 99% of the time get printed over anything else. Photo-journalism speaks to the moments that unfold naturally. What you’ll find from us, is something bold, and brilliant. We have moments of photojournalism, and then moments of traditional. I feel there needs to be a combination of the two styles in order to capture a well-rounded wedding day.

Do you take posed family photos?

Of course I do!! I personally LOVE this part of the wedding day. Call me crazy. It’s the most hated time of day. No one wants to stick around, everyone wants to get the party going, and they’re accustomed to being in a stuffy church without air-conditioning while the photographer takes forever to group and gather everyone. This is not the case with us. We have a system down to a science to get these done to such efficiency you’ll actually have a great time taking these. These are some of the most important images of the day (to me). Everyone in your family looks their best, they’re in one place, and sometimes, it’s the last professional photo of someone before they die. They’re important, and these are the images that gets printed, albeit for you or for your family. *hint hint: These become Gold for Christmas gifts!

Can I send you a shot list or my Pinterest board?

You can, but I would rather you didn’t. I like Pinterest boards as ‘feeling boards’ instead of the “100 top photos that I HAVE to have from my wedding” board. It never pans out the way you want them to. There’s never any time. The get overlooked. They look stuffy. We miss out on creating something unique to you that could become the photo that Everyone wants to recreate. I gladly take requests like, “I would love a night shot, or the willow tree on the property is what sold me- can we shoot there? Answer: no problem! I do ask for a family photo shot list: about a month before the wedding I provide you with an outline of what a typical family list looks like, then you can tweak it from there. If you have any questions about any of this, I will gladly explain more.

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Do you have insurance?
Yes! A thousand times, Yes!

What equipment so you use?

In the world of Nikon v. Canon, we are with Nikon. I could go on and on about all the technical jargin on why Nikon, but basically it stems down to it’s who we started with and what we love! Canon has great equipment, but we love Nikon!

How long have you been in business?

We have been photographing weddings for about 5 years. Our official start is a bit hazy, but it’s been a wild ride! In that time we’ve photographed over a hundred weddings of all shapes and sizes, been across the country, and to several other countries also. This business has been the fuel to our creative fire. Capturing the love between a couple is incredibly beautiful; everyone is so unique and every story is original.

Can you ‘pencil me in?’

I cannot. I take on clients on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. To secure your desired wedding date, and filled out photography agreement by the bride and 1/3 of the total collection cost is required.

If I need to cancel my wedding, is the retainer refundable?

Unfortunately no. I know the circumstances around cancelling a wedding are sad, but upon accepting you as a client I then turn away anyone else looking for the same date.

But... what if you’re sick or like, die?

If I’m sick, I’ll still be at the wedding, though I’ll do my best to be sure you don’t know it- and will keep away from your breathable air! There may be instances out of our control and if that is the case, I or someone close to me will be sure someone we trust will be there to capture your wedding day. KJ and I are a part of a few great network of photographers who at any point will step in to help take care of you.

How long until our photos are finished?

I aim to have them done 8-10 weeks after the wedding, depending on the traffic of the season. Fall weddings tend to take longer due to the high volume of activity.

How can our family + friends order pictures?

Once your images are finished, they will be uploaded to a private online gallery that you can share with anybody and everybody. There are options to order prints from the gallery.

When can we meet?

As soon as you’re free!! I’ll start the coffee!! We like to set up consultations during the week. Whether you meet me during the day or the both of us after the working hours, we like to bring you to the house to show you who we are, and to ultimately see if we would be a good fit for each other. We believe that this is the most intimate part of the wedding. These are the memories you’ll hold onto and generations will later see. There’s a symbiotic relationship between the photographer and client. If we don’t jive well, then the experience is awkward, and your photos will be stiff. We want to capture you both while you’re at ease. We prefer that you’re so relaxed that you forget we’re around and focus on each other.

When should we book you for the wedding?

As soon as possible. If you know you want us to photograph the wedding day, then getting that agreement and date retainer in is crucial. It’s a first come first serve business and I would hate to see the date disappear from you.

What if we’re running late during the day? Will you stay later than scheduled?

We know things happen, despite all of our best efforts to keep things moving, so we don’t mind staying later than scheduled. If such things are looking this way, we will converse with you about what you would like us to do. If it happens to where we need extra time, we have an overtime rate that we can invoice you for later on.

Do you offer discounts for off-season or non- Saturdays?

Upon occasion I’ll offer a promotional discount, but as a whole I don’t discount based on non-Saturdays or off-season. If there are budgetary constraints, I have no problem working with clients: where it be through a custom package or a payment plan.

Do you really like shooting weddings? Why don’t you shoot families, etc?

We really do. Every wedding, though all similar, are different. You could have the same aesthetic, location and vendors, but the wedding will be different because the couple and their friends are different. People make the biggest change to an otherwise cookie cutter industry. We love the drama (not family drama) of the wedding day. There’s so much hustle, and everyone is excited. Being there to witness people promise forever and capture those special moments doesn’t get old.

I don’t advertise family shoots, though I do them, because I want my focus to narrow down to something very specific. Someone once asked me if I were a wedding photographer or a photographer who shoots weddings. I’m a wedding photographer.