Sweet Kisses Engagement
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Sweet Kisses Engagement

There are some couples that when I meet them it's an instant meshing!  This couple had that meeting!  Good business says to make sure you do your best for every client, regardless of circumstances; these clients are the result of that very practice!

Amanda stalked me when things between her and Mike started to get serious. She was a bartender for a venue we photographed a wedding at in the early days of our business. We were working on a set of ring shots when she noticed how we work. Our creativity, diligence, and attention to detail. She told us that she said to herself, "if they put that much attention into a couple ring shots, they must love and be good at what they do!" A few years later, the image of her own wedding came to her thoughts to which she said "I need to find that photographer!" It took some time, but she finally came across the image she saw us create. Then that awkward thought, "what if she's s one image wonder?!" That's when she stalked the rest of our pages, loved what she saw, and gave us a call! To top it all off, Amanda and Mike are getting married on the same weekend of our anniversary! So fun!!

Nikon D4S; Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 at f/4.5 and 160mm; ISO-560; 1/160sec.

Location: Johnson City New York.