Snowing Winter Wonderland
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Snowing Winter Wonderland

December has been cold, with some snow. Binghamton had barely a dusting, but Samantha and Chris wanted a winter session. We kept watching the weather, and saw some snow in the forecast! Binghamton still only got a dusting. Cortland, however, got several inches! Then the day of the shoot, we got flurries! Big, chunky ones!

Shooting in big chunky snow has it's difficulties. My camera was in focus one minute, and then a snow flake would get in the way knocking it our of focus. We still had some fun, playing in the snow! Poor Chris got a little frozen though, so, I had them run around to get the blood moving! As adults we generally don't take the time to run in the snow, cut loose or just play around! It's good to just play every once in a while! 

I hope my engagement sessions are always this fun. I never want images to be stale, too posed, or boring. I love capturing people in their element. With their love for each other shining. If you are stoic, be stoic. If you're goofy, then be goofy. If you're a sappy romantic, then be romantic! Most of all, just let your relationship be what is photographed!

Nikon D4S; Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 at f/4.5 and 170mm; ISO-100; 1/250sec.

Location: Roberts Tree Farm Homer NY.