Piggy Back Rides and Smiles
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Piggy Back Rides and Smiles

I initially wanted to surprise my sister by just showing up in Atlanta. Then thought better of it and decided that at least telling Josh would be a good idea.. Then after talking with him we decided to tell Hillary I was coming down. It’s a good thing too since she initially had to work that weekend.  Josh then put into motion the shiny piece of jewelry to be available for that weekend so I could document the occasion!

Their proposal story:
Josh: I’ve known for a while that I wanted Hillary to be my wife. I found the perfect ring, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to ask her. I knew I wanted to give her a wonderful story. One that she could remember with happiness for all her life. When I found out that her sister, Emily, was visiting us I knew that was my chance. We decided to do a photo shoot in Piedmont Park. We shot in a couple of different locations in the park. When we went up on a hill, with the City skyline behind us, I felt it was the perfect time. I had the ring in my hand, and Hillary wanted to hold my hand. But I couldn’t open my hand. She figured out what was going on and started to cry. I kept looking over to see if Emily had her camera up, but she was messing with the settings. I finally just yelled at her “Emily”! When she looked up I started to get down on one knee. I asked Hillary if she would be my wife. She said “yes”. To top it all off, there were some kids playing close to us and they came running over and were cheering and clapping. It was like something out of a movie. It was perfect.

Hillary: Every so often a couple needs their faces shot. Thankfully, my sister is an AMAZING photographer. She had an excuse to come to the Peach state and escape a winter blizzard. Needing a couple’s shoot and not thinking too much of it, we headed off to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. We were supposed to be posing for a silhouette but little did my sister know that I was balling while Josh told me over and over again how much he loved me. He told me he wanted me forever. There on top of a hill on March 19th, standing in front of a gorgeous skyline, my Smitty dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.

My turn… I had talked to Josh the night before about said shiny scheme… however, we didn’t arrange a signal for ‘the time.’ Not a “caw caaw” “pineapple” “whistle” or anything.. So my brain wasn’t entirely turned onto the photo side of things, I always had this hesitation keeping an eye out for a wink…SOMETHING. I got Nothing. Finally my brain turned on, I was setting up for a silhouette shot. I’m off in the distance, can’t see them really because I wanted their bodies to blend into the Atlanta skyline. I kept yelling out instructions to get the perfect position (I didn’t know he was telling her sweet nothings…) for it when finally Josh just screams, “EMILY” and in slow motion drops to one knee… (CRAP) So I scramble running up the hill whilst changing my settings and managed to document the whole thing!! Phew! Note to self… create a signal!

Location: Roswell Georgia Atlanta.