Mirbeau Spa and Inn Silhouette
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Mirbeau Spa and Inn Silhouette

This is a couple that sets their mind to whatever they want and they achieve it!  Shem bought a house before he was 25. He found the love of his life who has the same drive as he does. Taylor was a barista at a local coffee shop where she slung some awesome coffee drinks!  During their engagement they decided to open their own cafe- a dream of Taylor's. Their cafe opened 3 months before they got married and have been extremely successful! 

Their love for each other is pure. They bring out the biggest smiles in each other and pull out the very best. Isn't that what a solid relationship is supposed to do?! This is couple to watch. I believe they're going to do some amazing things together. 

They're engagement session started at Mirbeau Inn and Spa then continued to the pier overlooking Skaneateles Lake. Mirbeau is a beautiful venue for small weddings. Their spa will send you into a very happy place. It features a "Monet" bridge, beautiful gardens, and willow trees. The rooms there are just as beautiful also! 

Skaneateles is a quaint little town with loads of history. Sitting on top of the lake, it's close to numorous vineyards, and supports the local scene and enriches culture. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great time to go on the weekends. They're known to turn Skaneateles into a Dickens town, abut with characters from Scrooge. 

The sky over the lake was incredible! This was an added bonus!

Location: Mirbeau Spa and Inn Skaneateles New York.