Lit by Jeep Night Photo

Lit by Jeep Night Photo

I have known Niki for about 15 years.  Her older brother was my "prom date" in high school. I use quotations because I wasn't aloud to date in high school, but we 'dated' for a large portion of my junior-senior year. I don't think my Dad ever really knew his name outside of "prom date."  Niki was the annoying little sister that would spy on us and I believe report back to his parents whenever I went over to the house.  Oh the memories! I got really excited when Niki got engaged.  Facebook has been pretty surreal seeing the people who used to spy, people I babysat, etc. grow up and get married themselves. I laugh at myself because I have become that person that  says things like "no way, I remember when; no way, I used to babysit them, etc." 

Green Lakes State Park is a very popular location for engagement photos, especially in the fall! The lake is a crazy turquoise blue/green color that you don't see outside of the Caribbean. That juxtaposed against the oranges and yellows of fall and you have a picturesque backdrop that makes everyone swoon. Down the trail of the lake is what's called 'dead man's drop'. It's probably one of the scariest things to look at. It's said that there is no end to this lake. When you look down into the hole, the bottom just disappears. You expect some ind of prehistoric serpent to dart up from it and suck you in!

Generally, people gravitate toward a more 'natural' setting for their engagement photos; ie. a park, estate, farm, vineyard, etc.  However, that doesn't always speak to every client. So if you don't want to frolic in a field for your engagement session, then don't!  Engagement sessions are the time for you and your beloved to show who you are, your love for one another, and your favorite outfits in a relaxed environment. You are welcome to choose a location that speaks to you!  Some brides choose that special spot where he proposed, others their favorite restaurant, winery, or flowery field.  We can’t wait to get you in front of the lens and bring out what makes you a unique couple!

Engagement sessions allow us to get to know each other before you say “I do.”  Knowing what you can expect from us and feeling relaxed in front of the camera are critical for developing beautiful images.  We want you to be yourselves!

During the engagement session, we love to work with you to find the styles, smiles, and angles that work best for you as a couple; that way, when your wedding day comes around we’ll have already worked together and everyone will know what to do and expect.

My top 5 reasons you should take advantage of the engagement session:

1.  Have you ever been on a blind date? They’re awkward, you don’t know what to say, or do and generally one of the persons really doesn’t want to be there.  The same can be true with having photos taken. We’re out somewhere all dressed up, or you’re in your underpants in front of someone you don’t even know and later expected to do all of this PDA in front of some paparazzi so you’re all tense and then you look weird..  An engagement session gives you the chance to get to know us, and a look into how we work to get those natural expressions that tell your story. Great photos come when you’re relaxed in front of the camera. 

2. “ I don’t know what to do with my hands!”  “I hate my double chin!” I know. I do know what to do. This gives us a chance to know what gets you into natural poses and brings out natural expressions. Some couples don’t need to be posed, some do. This gives us a chance to know what we need to do to make photos as easy as possible for you.

3. Do you like sports? Did you meet at a college? Do you like to go hiking? Wine tasting? Do you like walking through downtown? An engagement session allows you to show who you two are as couple right now. Have some fun with it! Wear matching jersies, bring your furry friends, go to your favorite restaurant, have a quiet picnic in a park. The options are endless! 

4. Engagement photos are a great personal touch to use at the reception.  Frame them and display them proudly. Use them for your guest book. As table markers. They are personal and beautiful and cost effective way to decorate your reception areas.

5. Make a new memory on this date.  An engagement session usually takes place right in the middle of the wedding planning which happens right in the middle of life. Take a few hours and relax together, have some fun and focus on each other. This becomes great practice for when the marriage begins. Life doesn’t stop, not even slow down, take some time and focus on the reason you popped the question or said ‘yes.’