Green Lakes Fall Engagement
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Green Lakes Fall Engagement

I have known Niki for about 15 years.  Her older brother was my "prom date" in high school. I use quotations because I wasn't aloud to date in high school, but we 'dated' for a large portion of my junior-senior year. I don't think my Dad ever really knew his name outside of "prom date."  Niki was the annoying little sister that would spy on us and I believe report back to his parents whenever I went over to the house.  Oh the memories! I got really excited when Niki got engaged.  Facebook has been pretty surreal seeing the people who used to spy, people I babysat, etc. grow up and get married themselves. I laugh at myself because I have become that person that  says things like "no way, I remember when; no way, I used to babysit them, etc." 

Green Lakes State Park is a very popular location for engagement photos, especially in the fall! The lake is a crazy turquoise blue/green color that you don't see outside of the Caribbean. That juxtaposed against the oranges and yellows of fall and you have a picturesque backdrop that makes everyone swoon. Down the trail of the lake is what's called 'dead man's drop'. It's probably one of the scariest things to look at. It's said that there is no end to this lake. When you look down into the hole, the bottom just disappears. You expect some ind of prehistoric serpent to dart up from it and suck you in!

Location: Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, NY.