Binghamton Ny Proposal
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Binghamton Ny Proposal

When your editor's boyfriend cues you in that he wants to propose, you help him scheme up a good plan that will knock her off her feet, and give you the ability to photograph it without her thinking anything different! It was a really chilly day, and the poor thing was in a little skirt, but she was a trooper! We said we needed a model for a small photo boot camp I put one of my friends through. So in the midst of us photographing her, Brad came around the corner. She assumed he was just early in picking her up for a nice dinner, but he dropped to one knee instead! I love being able to do this for my friends!

Nikon D4s; Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 at f/4 and 110mm; ISO-200; 1/250sec.

Location: Endicott Visitor Center, Binghamton NY.