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About Emily & KJ

Emily and KJ O'ReillyImage Credit: Mabyn Ludke Photography

How did this start for you? This is a question we get asked most often. The answer? By complete accident.

We aren't natural born shutterbugs. I (Emily) despised photography when I was in school. (I never gave it a chance). I lived in the painting room. Clicking a button seemed like a primitive 'skill.' Wow, was I wrong!

We are quirky and intimate, and you'll find that in everything we do. We're both complete nerds in our own rights. KJ is a mechanical engineer full time and loves to tinker with things. He started this journey with me as the dork holding my light stand (His words, not mine!) Now? He's the complete other half of this package!

We are both passionately in love with our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the center of everything we do and we try and emulate Him in all things.

We believe in fairy-tales because our story is one of them! We love how ‘love’ brings out the very best in everyone and makes everything shine. We love things that are BOLD and BRILLIANT.

There is no real ‘science’ behind how we approach a wedding day because every wedding is different! Our approach is really contingent on You. How we relate to you and how comfortable you are in front of us. Our goal is to be sure you are as comfortable and as stress free as possible. It’s going to be one of the best days of your life and we want to be there to seal those memories in time.

Want to know more about us? Head over to the contact page, and we'll set up a meeting!

Emily + KJ

Image Credit: Mabyn Ludke Photography