Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions we are most asked by clients.

Coverage and Travel

Our collections start at $2300. For a more comprehensive list of the collections and products we have to offer, head over to the contact page. I'll be glad to send you the full PDF of everything we have to offer.
Yes! My focus is to make sure you get everything you want and need. The collections are a starting point based off of previous years experience.
We live in the greater Binghamton, NY area and LOVE traveling to new places!  This past year, weddings took us to California, Rhode Island, Long Island, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Vietnam!  Anything within a 2 hour distance- travel is included.  If the distance is over 2 hours, travel expenses apply.  Travel expenses are handled very simply: if airfare, hotel, and a rental car are required, the collections remain the same and a full reimbursement for our expenses is added to them.  International travel is also available!  KJ and I love to travel, and have figured out a few oragami-esc ways to sleep on planes. No matter the distance! We've shot a 12 hour wedding, went home, jumped on a plane at 7am for another wedding at 3pm.  Probably won't do that again, but we loved it!
Unfortunately, no. He is a Captain for the New York Army National Guard, so there are dates he will not be able to be with us.  In that instance, I do have other people I can rely on to fill his shoes at no extra cost to you.
The number of Images delivered ultimately depends on how many it takes to tell your story and the amount of time we are there capturing your day. We don't limit how many images we take or how many we deliver. We fine tune and polish the ones we give to you to tell a whole story.
I aim to have them done 2-3 months after the wedding, depending on the traffic of the season.  Fall weddings tend to take longer due to the high volume of shoots.
Cinematography is a whole different ballgame. We focus all of our attention on the photo side of things, though we can refer you to some excellent Cinematographers in the area!

Yes!  Every photo we hand off is edited. At a minimum, we'll adjust the color and exposure to match everything else. At times we'll get rid of pesky things like phone lines and pimples.

YES! You want to make sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible and all of your vendors are on the same page. It will not fix all of the possible hiccups that can happen but it keeps things in order. 

Glad you want to know! A first look is when a bride and groom opt to see  each other before the ceremony. Not only does it allow you to spend some  sweet one-on-one time before the whirlwind of wedding festivities, but it  ensures ample time for naturally-lit portraits and makes the day a lot smoother! (In my opinion)

A day-after session is also known as a “Rock the Dress” session. It’s a shoot scheduled sometime after the wedding to put the dress back on and scamper about somewhere. It’s especially useful if time did not allow for many formal photos of you and your soon-to-be!

Yes we do!  They are so much fun!  We offer up the chance for you to take advantage of one in every collection. They are upto 1 hour long with 1 outfit, 1 location and you can travel upto 1 hour from Binghamton. If you're looking for something a bit more pizzazzy you can upgrade your engagement session to include more.  They're a lot of fun to get dressed up for; make it a date night with your sweetie afterward!  Please note, we only offer the engagement sessions during the week. We are not available on the weekend to accommodate them. Space is limited.